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Ramki Bandi Dosa is known to be the best dosa in Hyderabad.
We also specialize in being the world famous midnight tiffins in Hyderabad
Our butter idli and chutney are one of the fast-selling items on the menu
Our quick nibbles are basically everything on the menu making us one of the best street food in hyderabad.

Ram Ki Bandi .

Our Story

How it all started......

Ram Shinde, well known food innovator was very inclined to show Hyderabad a fusion gourmet breakfast to add health and taste on wheels at corner of a heavy traffic zone- mozamjhi market. Satisfying hunger and taste buds of hyderabadis since 1989. A story of cart now widely known as Ram Ki Bandi started getting popular in the city due to the unavailability of food at the wee hours for the clubbers keeping the deal- exclusive & limited. Its Hyderabad’s best eatery joint with over a 5 million viewers on social media & making it to many people’s bucket list of must do things in Hyderabad.

Fun fact- We have been named “Ram ki Bandi” out of the love audience has given and we go by that. Since Ram ki Bandi is all about “Customer is the king”. This reflects in its recipes, there are no fixed menus, they are customised as per the way customer wishes to.

Yes, we heard you and we are coming to your locations as same as “RAM KI BANDI- fresh healthy & tasty”




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Licence Registration


Franchise Agreement Signing



The fame and success of the store seen is the conscientious hardwork of Ram Kumar. The very loving eating spot by people all over who neither mind what time it is nor how far the place be. Ram ki bandi has now been the favourite spot for all daytime as well as night time cravings. The store also provides home delivery facilities through apps like swiggy and zomato. Whether it be young kids,joyful teens or ever green adults , the finger licking taste of the food is irresistible and welcoming. The street stall has now been setting up restaurants, fully air conditioned and comfortable enough for a better and memorable experience with professional and friendly staff in all outlets.

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